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Divine K-9, Inc. utilizes scientific principles based on learning theory in order to better communicate what is requested of the dog. Understanding develops during the training process thus strengthening the relationship between human and canine. The process allows the owner to gain control of the household as well as begin to feel the joy in having a dog as a part of his or her life.

Statistics show that the majority of owners who send their dogs to shelters do so because of undesirable behavior. This is often the result of a communication breakdown. Both human and canine can become extremely frustrated and confused. By using
body language and verbal cues, supported by reward-based techniques, we help owners and canines overcome communication barriers for a truly "divine" relationship.

Dominance vs. Leadership: Divine K-9 offers a variety of methods to help the human be a good leader instead of using intimidation techniques to gain a dominant status over the dog. Divine K-9 believes in creating a place of mutual respect, trust, and appreciation between human and canine.



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