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"Charlie is our adorable 2-year old golden retriever.  Ever since he was a puppy, we noticed he was overly anxious and at times displayed behaviors we thought were precursors for aggression.  As new pet owners, we trained and erred in some of our ways in handling Charlie’s anxiety.  As months went by, Charlie’s anxiety would get worse despite the increase in physical activity and mental stimulation we were trying to provide him.  I kept trying to find trainers, dog psychologists and behavior specialists to help Charlie.  After numerous failed attempts, I saw a local news report highlighting Jorge’s work with dogs.  My eyes lit up and I prayed and hoped that he would be willing to fit us into his schedule to help our beautiful and loveable Charlie. 


We have been working with Jorge for only a few months, including a few private sessions and participating in one of his group classes, and we have seen remarkable improvements in Charlie’s behavior.  Charlie is learning to manage his frustration and channeling his anxiety.  While there is still more work to be done, I am so grateful for the persistence, patience and kindness Jorge has displayed towards Charlie.  And I am excited to continue the journey of helping Charlie with his anxiety and learn to relax.  Charlie is a big part of our family and we could not imagine where Charlie would be with his anxiety if it weren’t for Jorge’s guidance.


Thank you!


-Karem Coronel on behalf of Charlie and the Coronel family.

September 2012



 "Although we were only able to take part in Basic Manners and Obedience 1 and almost all of Basic Manners and Obedience 2 before relocating to Maryland, the information we learned and insight that we gained have continued to help us immensely even after we moved. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of class was Jorge’s passion for his craft. Never before had we met someone who was as devoted to his profession and as happy to share their love with others as Jorge. His perpetual excitement and joy were infectious to the point where we couldn’t wait go to back for class next week! The whole point of class and Jorge’s philosophy was to never punish the dog for doing something wrong, but instead to celebrate and reward the good behaviors so much that the dog sees no reason to return to the bad behavior. Although this process takes more patience than we had anticipated, we can’t imagine training our puppy in any other way. The benefits of this method far outweigh anything else because once a behavior is learned an increased bond between owner and dog has been established and the dog has not learned to ever be scared or afraid of the owner.

We loved working with Jorge and Divine K-9, and our only regret is that we had to move and couldn’t continue our learning!"



-Abby and Kevin Witmer, and Luke

April 2012


"We have come to know Jorge from Divine K-9 for over a year now. We first met him when we found ourselves struggling with a very challenging, high energy Labrador puppy. We sought out various dog trainers, all of whom told us that our 3 month old puppy was "REALLY bad and aggressive". Those trainers all suggested that we act as dominant figures towards our puppy in order to ensure our "alpha role" in the relationship. Needless to say, this advice was counterproductive and detrimental to our new, budding relationship, and we thankfully discovered the world of Divine k-9 soon after. Finally, we were introduced to a new, healthy and fresh approach, with a unique and positive spin to dog training.

Jorge and his exceptional ability to understand a dog's actions and communicate effectively with both dogs and owners, create the perfect team. Together, they help their clients build a trusting, respectful relationship that is based on love, acceptance, consistency and positive reinforcement as opposed to a relationship based upon fear, dominance and aggression behaviors that are so easily adopted when faced with challenging animals.

Jorge created a support team that not only provides important knowledge regarding dog training techniques, but they go out of their way to take the next step by embracing any questions and concerns that relate to each unique, individual situation. He has truly given us the gift of knowledge by sharing the tools that are necessary to better understand what a healthy relationship between humans and their canine companions is meant to be, as well as the steps necessary towards achieving such a goal.

One year ago, we honestly did not know how we would get through the next week with our dog, let alone a year. We are so grateful and appreciative of the wonderful service that Divine K-9 so eagerly offers, and would recommend them to all dog owners without any hesitation. We are confident that they have the knowledge and skills to help all owners with any situation that may arise."

-Adena & Avi, Riverdale NY

"As a Certified Pet Dog Trainer Jorge haa a solid foundation in learning theory and how to use it when training pet dogs. He is always learning more about canine behavior and continuing his education to keep his knowledge fresh. He is an insightful educator and extraordinarily perceptive reader of canine body language. When they teach, they do it gently and often with a bit of humor to put everyone at ease. The dogs not only learn to control their impulses via cued behaviors such as "sit" or "down" but they learn to make their own decisions along the way. They learn to think for themselves about what works for them and what does not. "Hmmm . . . should I jump up on the counter and steal that bowl of cereal or should I lie down and wait quietly for a tidbit instead?" A Divine K-9 dog does the latter and without being asked! It is a joy to behold and very relaxing to live with. I had the pleasure to provide luxury boarding for a Divine K-9 puppy recently, a 5 month old Tibetian Terrier, and watching him go through the day thinking and solving problem after problem on his own was truly inspiring. This behavior was clearly the result of the training he and his family received from Jorge. If you're looking for well-educated dog trainers who are as skilled at educating people as they are working with dogs, Divine K-9 is an excellent choice for you."

-Diane Podolsky, CPDT, CTC, of The Cultured Canine, White Plains NY

Divine K-9 is by far the most knowledgeable and in touch operation that I have come across to achieve good dog behavior. Gone are the days of rolled up newspapers and choker chains and the now famous and proven to be ineffective "alpha roll". Divine K-9's technical approach and dog diagnostics are cutting edge and yet so simplistic you'll say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that".  Jorge has given my family the tools needed to guide my very high energy Catahoula Leopard Dog to being a pleasure to live with. Our family has so much fun with our dog, Jorge is so right because our great dog is now awesome. We highly recommend without doubt the services offered. He is truly DIVINE for your K-9." 

-Jack & Kathy, New York NY


"I first contacted Jorge in October 2007 when my boxer Charlie was 18 months old because I felt as though I needed better control over him.  I frequently walked with him off leash at our local dog park.  For the most part, Charlie was a great dog, very friendly and playful.  But, as he entered his teen years, he listened less and started to misbehave.  He liked to jump up and kiss people on the face, embarrassing me and scary or annoying the people being kissed: I was worried about the safety of small children and elderly people since Charlie is an 80+ pound dog. But, the bigger issue that led me to Jorge, was that Charlie often ran too far ahead of me when he was off leash, and one time attacked an 8 month old puppy when he was so far ahead of me that I couldn't even see him, much less try to stop him.  I felt scared and betrayed by my sweet, if rambunctious dog. 

 Luckily, I found Jorge and now have a new and improved version of Charlie!  Jorge and I met privately a few times to work on off leash recall training, and walking, not dashing away, while off leash.  I simultaneously took obedience classes with both Jorge.  It was a lot of fun for both Charlie and me, and we both learned so much.  Through positive reinforcement (we paid him for good work with yummy treats), as well as through games that let Charlie learn to make the right choices, he began to listen to me more and to become more reliable.  It was amazing to watch Charlie try to figure out what I wanted him to do and then see him do it in a matter of minutes.  Jorge's approach is not only fun and humane, but since the dogs were having fun too, they wanted to do the things that were asked of them.  It is hard to believe how far the dogs came in a few short sessions.  Even in the first class, when the dogs were whining and barking and demanding our attention, Jorge quickly taught us to teach them to "Chill out", lay down quietly next to us, and wait patiently for instructions.  After that the dogs spent the rest of the sessions either actively working on a new skill or lying quietly at our sides while we listened to lessons and asked questions.  Additionally, Jorge told a lot of humorous and educational anecdotes which helped us to understand things from a dog's point of view as well as how to transfer the skills learned in class to the real world.

It is truly amazing to me how much change there is in Charlie.  Of course dogs will be dogs, and Charlie has better days than others, but for the most part, he now has great days!  Charlie walks next to me or if he runs ahead it is only a short distance ahead and then he waits for me or dashes back to get me.  Additionally, when he plays with other dogs, if I feel that it starts to seem out of hand, he interrupts his behavior and comes to me when I call him, and then when I allow him to resume play he does so at a more controlled pace and attitude.  I really feel confident that with the skills that I learned from Jorge, and I can approach any issue as it occurs, handle it quickly and appropriately and have my dog stay in control.  I highly recommend him as a trainer and feel as though there is nothing that I could do to thank them enough!" 

-Anne, New Rochelle NY  

We have entrusted Jorge with the care of our dogs, Molly and Josh, for the past two years and can attest to Jorge's dedication and skill as a dog trainer. It's been our experience that Jorge speaks the language of dogs. Like all good dog trainers, he's kind of a "dog whisperer," with an innate ability to handle and teach them through his voice, body language and demeanor.

-Andrew & Doug, New York NY

J.J. is now 8 months old and has turned out to be a great puppy - thanks in large part to her excellent training. Although she always had a great personality, she came to us an extremely rambunctious 4 month old with more than a few issues. It never ceased to amaze us how well Jorge understood and could predict her behavior (both good and naughty). It was easy for her to follow his commands since she adored him and always wanted to please him. Jorge had a suggestion to correct each and every problem - sometimes even before it arose! And when behavior issues did surface. Jorge was just a phone call away. J.J. is still an excitable puppy who's easily distracted by a visitor at the door, other animals, or even a leaf blowing in the wind! That's what makes her so much fun. But we've learned from Jorge the techniques to control unacceptable behavior when it arises. J.J. is still a work in progress but, thanks to lots of love and Jorge's excellent training, we can see her blossoming into a well-behaved member of the household.

-Monica, Mt. Vernon NY

During the third week of December of last year, there was an addition to my family. He is an American Staffordshire Terrier named Deano. We found him as an abandoned dog chained to a fence here in Riverdale. We fell in love with him immediately. Obviously, though, we had certain concerns about Deano. One reason was he looks like a pit bull; the other was the safety of our son who is 11 years old. Since we didn't know anything of this dog's history it was vital that we start right away with training and behavioral modification. This is where Jorge Melara came in. During just a few sessions with Deano, Jorge not only had changed many things that concerned me about his behavior but also taught us everything that we needed to know to insure Deano's happiness and our peace of mind. Jorge was invaluable to us during this time and I wouldn't trust my dogs to anyone else.

-Michael, New York NY

Two years ago, I moved from Manhattan to Salt Lake City, Utah. Now I own two dogs. Jorge's tele-training”he trains me over the phone to train my pets has been more successful than the in-town obedience classes I attended. His knowledge is expansive; his doggish sensibility unmatched even by dogs.

-Calvin, Salt Lake City UT

Jorge performed some basic temperament tests on a Min-Pin I felt a bond with from the local pet store. After checking him out, Jorge called me to tell me I had good judgment; the male Min Pin had a great disposition. My friend (also with a new puppy) and I decided to hire Jorge. I really needed it; I had dogs growing up at my parents, big house, big yard, and big difference from city living. When Jorge arrived for the first session (and each session thereafter), I never saw two puppies go wild over seeing someone. It was that instant that I knew Jorge had the "gift". Jorge's training methods were so opposite yet quite unique of the training classes my father and I took our German Shepherds to. His methods made perfect sense! During our six weeks of training, Jorge was always available for telephone support, just when you're about ready to pull your hair out, he had a calmness and offered clear suggestions to get you through. There's your investment tip! Hire a dog trainer! Not only a financial investment but one that will help brings you years of unconditional love and devotion!

-Scott, New York NY

I am writing to express my profound gratitude for everything you have done to help my little Ivy become a well-behaved, well-adjusted happy companion. Ivy is well on her way to becoming an outstanding example of the results of your knowledge and training and soon she will begin to work as a therapy dog in hospitals and nursing homes. None of this will be possible without you. I thank God every day that we found Jorge Melara and Divine K-9.

-Joan, Chestnut Ridge NY

Jorge is wonderful. His approach to training is so positive and effective. The classes are interesting and challenging and Coco and I love going. Both Puppy K and Basic Obedience classes have been invaluable for our family - we have watched Coco grow from a rather "hyper" unruly pup to a wonderful sweet very enthusiastic little dog! It has been a real pleasure being involved with such amazing people - and they really know and love dogs!

-Cindy, New York NY

"Just over a year ago, my husband and I drove down to Washington, D.C. and adopted a 2 year-old black Labrador retriever we named Bailey. Although Bailey came with the sweetest temperament and knowledge of a few basic commands, raising a dog was something completely new for us and Bailey seemed to sense this and was often more-than-willing to take full advantage. All 60+ pounds of him loved to pull us in a million directions and go bezerk when he passed a squirrel, cat, or just another dog more than a block away.

We contacted Jorge to inquire about training Bailey but we were hesitant because he was generally quite well-behaved and his quirks didn't seem too extreme. But they encouraged us to learn to communicate with Bailey and explained that this, too, is an important component of any good training program. So, we signed up and attended class faithfully. We discovered that Bailey was eager to learn and would do anything we asked (for a treat); we learned to ask of him what we needed. Bailey seemed to thrive with what he was learning and Jorge emphasized the process so that we were able to continue introducing new commands once the class was done. Bailey looked forward to class each and every week and still tries to pull inside that building anytime we are in the neighborhood. He still loves seeing Jorge in the run and he is always available to answer our questions or offer suggestions.

We recognize that we were fortunate to adopt a wonderful dog, but there is no question that the class we took together brought out the best in all of us."

-Allison, New York NY

"You are lifesavers! Because you were compassionate about a young man with a very challenging puppy, and so dedicated and skilled at helping him and his family learn how to live with the dog, both the man and his puppy can now fully enjoy each other and enrich each other's life.

My son, straight out of college, took home a shelter puppy and thought it could raise itself. This puppy's idea of good behavior was to command everything and everyone with his self-confident attitude and aggressive behavior. The challenge of making this dog into a loving and compassionate partner was way outside my family's ability. But Jorge saw how pivotal success would be in order for both my son and his dog to have normal and satisfying lives together. First of all, he patiently and kindly trained both the humans and the dog to understand what behavior was needed. In addition, they boarded the puppy at his house for a couple of weeks and showed him how to control his actions and harness his frustration-based aggression. Maybe most importantly of all, they communicated very effectively with my son, and convinced him that consistent and reinforced training is critical for a happy and compassionate dog.

I'll say it over and over again to anyone who will listen -- you are amazing and your professional skills truly changed my son's (and his dog's) quality of life from very challenging to very satisfying. Thanks so much!"

-Amy, New York NY




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