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Jorge Melara is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). As owner of Divine K-9, Inc., Jorge has trained dogs for 12 years. Jorge appeared as a guest trainer on the Animal Planet show, Underdog to Wonderdog in the Fall of 2008. In 2004, Jorge filmed a pilot called Mutt Makeover. He was a part of a team of people, as the trainer, that helped shelter dogs find homes and behaviorally challenged dogs stay in their homes. Jorge and his dog, CJ, won Most Creative Pet Trick and Best in Show at the first annual Great American Mutt Show in April of 2001. Moreover, they've been featured in various newspaper and magazine publications and appeared on Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, Eyewitness News Sunday Morning, and CNN.

Jorge has written for various publications covering topics on dog training and behavior. He also co-owns and operates a canine socialization service in Riverdale called Wanna Go Outside. This service provides enrichment and exercise for dogs in an active training environment where manners, obedience, and appropriate play are continuously reinforced. While running Divine K-9, Inc., Jorge was also employed as a pet behavior counselor with the ASPCA Animal Behavior Center for close to two years. In addition to teaching classes, he evaluated, trained, and rehabilitated shelter dogs surrendered by the public as well as those seized by Humane Law Enforcement, as seen on the Animal Planet television show Animal Precinct. Jorge also consulted with prospective adopters, trained staff and volunteers and conducted behavior consultations. He continues to volunteer his time and skill to this not-for-profit organization.

The foundation of Jorge's philosophy roots from his experiences working with children. Before training dogs, Jorge lived in Florida working with children who have conditions that are mentally, physically, developmentally or emotionally disabling. While training for Occupational Therapy, Jorge adopted his dog, CJ, from a shelter. He found that many of behavior modification principles he used with children were applicable to training dogs. The rest is, as they say, history.

Jorge regularly attends conferences and seminars to further his education on dog behavior and training. Topics covered during these events include, but are not limited to, dog aggression, dog play, pack development, temperament testing, animal medicine, the science of behavior, and the latest equipment used in dog training. Speakers at these events include Dr. Ian Dunbar Ph.D., Dr. Patricia McConnell Ph.D., Karen London Ph.D., Jean Donaldson, Ray Coppinger, Dr. Pam Reid Ph.D C.A.A.B., Susan Garrett, Kathy Sdao
C.A.A.B, Ken Ramirez, Pat Miller, Sue Sternberg, among others. Jorge has also attended obedience classes, tricks classes, and agility classes with his own dogs.

Jorge is a former professional in-line skater, who is known for whipping up extraordinary meals, Beatboxes in his spare time, loves camping, and is a huge Rocky and Rambo fan. Over the past 12 years Jorge has been the proud papa of five pit-bull and pittie mixes, CJ, Charity, and Dexter. His commitment to dogs is evidenced by his personal and professional life: he loves dogs on and off the job.