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Clicker Training & Shaping 101 Class
4 sessions, 1 hour per session
This is an introductory course to using clickers to better communicate with your dog. It's a great way to help turn your dog into an enthusiastic learner! This course is designed to build and strengthen the relationship you have with your dog. Scientific research has proven that when dogs learn to offer behaviors through problem-solving techniques, their confidence builds. Many shy or nervous dogs benefit from training that allows them the freedom to discover that their choices control the outcomes in the environment. Enhance your relationship with your dog by training him in this fun class! Take your dog's training to the next level while strengthening the bond you have with him. Let us help you discover your dog's potential!

You will learn how to use the clicker in creative settings to teach your dog practical household manners as well as fun tricks! Class exercises will include controlled walking, teaching your dog to go lay down in his bed, target training (which can lead to really fun tricks!), just to name a few. We will also work on shaping fun, silly behaviors such as walking backwards and other body awareness exercises-it's like Pilates for dogs!

Dog Park Play, A Body Language Class
7 sessions, 1 hour per session
We will create a dog park environment in which you will observe the dogs at play. This class will teach you how to read your dog's body language and be aware of what you are saying to your dog with your body. We will observe how dogs communicate with one another by allowing the dogs in this class interact with one another.We will show you how and when to deliver consequences for poor choices made at during play. We will show you how to teach your dog to control his impulses, rather than go after a dog in an inappropriate manner. You will be able to successfully call your dog out of tense situations before he gets into trouble. By knowing what your dog is saying, you can help prevent frustration as well as keep your dog safe. No aggressive dogs and no unaltered dogs over 2 years old.

The first class is orientation, so we meet without the dogs. Think about the first day of school and all of the material that needs to be addressed before the curriculum begins--it's the same for dog training classes!


Take a Walk with Me - A Polite Leash Walking Class
3 sessions, 1 hour per session
Does your dog drag you around your neighborhood? Does your dog lunge after a squirrel, pulling your arm out of its socket! If you are tired of racing to keep up with your dog, this is the class for you! We will show you a variety of techniques to teach your dog how to walk nicely on leash. We will also demonstrate how to use humanely-designed equipment to assist your dog in walking politely. Make your walks with your dog more fun!

Total Recall Class
4 sessions, 1 hour per session
This class is designed to teach your dog to COME when called, no matter what! We will focus on building upon the relationship between you and your pup in order to strengthen the recall behavior. Your dog will learn recall by building upon layers of understanding to create a more reliable behavior. We will introduce distractions slowly throughout each class and give you tips and tools on what to do if your pup chooses not to come when called. You will learn how to apply these techniques in everyday life with your dog.


Trick Training Class
Trick training is a great way to enjoy your canine companion! At the same time, you are stimulating your dog's mind and helping to build its confidence! Tricks are a creative outlet for your dog.

Tricks and shaping skills (teaching your dog how to offer behaviors) are great to help build confidence in reserved dogs. They can be helpful tools in teaching dogs how to focus and problem-solve. If you are doing a performance sport, tricks and shaping help dogs learn how to try, and recover when wrong--something invaluable when asking of complex behaviors in whatever sport you may do.

It's perfect for dogs 6 months and up. Tricks will include Big bear, Little bear, Twirl, Are you shy, Speak, Shell game, Smell it-find it, Roll over,  Take a bow, Doggie pushups, Bang, you're dead, Shame on you, Crawl, The seal, Free shaping. Some previous obedience training is helpful. Be sure to bring a hungry dog and delicious treats!





Refund Policy:

Within two weeks or more prior to the start date of your scheduled class, clinic, or workshop: all fees will be refunded with the exception of a $25 non-refundable administration fee.

Between one to two weeks prior to the start date of your scheduled class, clinic, or workshop: 50% of the total fees paid will be refunded with the exception of a $25 non refundable administration fee.

Less than one week before the start date of your scheduled class, clinic, or workshop: 50% of the total fees paid will be refunded ONLY IF YOUR SPOT CAN BE FILLED with the exception of a $25 non refundable administration fee.


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