Here is a list of possible presentation topics:


Aggression & Reactivity

Self-Control & Manners

Say, What? Recognizing and Understanding Canine Body Language
Have you ever wondered what your dog was saying to you? Have you ever wondered how dogs know which dogs are good playmates and which want to be left alone? What are dogs saying to one another and how do they do it? Dogs speak with their bodies and they are always talking. Many times we misread, misunderstand, or altogether miss what they are saying to us. This seminar will teach you how to read your dog's body language and be aware of what you are saying to your dog with your body. We will observe how dogs communicate with one another by allowing the dogs in this clinic interact with one another. We will also have visuals and handouts. By knowing what your dog is saying, you can help prevent frustration as well as keep your dog safe.

Housetraining & Wee-wee pad training
Struggling with your puppy's schedule? Does your puppy keep missing the wee wee pad? Does your puppy regularly have accidents in the house? This is the clinic for you! We will discuss all of the basics of housetraining as well as answer questions specific to your situation. The clinic will cover schedules, timing of rewards, what to do if your puppy has an accident, how to teach your puppy where to go, and more. We will also discuss the amazing crate!

Love Your Crate! - Crate Training
Does your puppy or dog protest while in his crate? Does your puppy or dog run the other way when it's time to go in his crate? Does he hold on for dear life while you try to put him in his crate? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this workshop can offer you fun, creative ways to teach your puppy or adult dog to love his crate. We use a variety of crate games to increase the value of the crate, while teaching your dog crate manners. We will also show you how these games can be applied to other areas of everyday life: stop door-dashing, solid sit-stays, offering sits instead of jumping!

Take a Walk with Me - Polite Leash Walking
Does your dog drag you around your neighborhood? Does your dog lunge after a squirrel, pulling your arm out of its socket! If you are tired of racing to keep up with your dog, this is the clinic for you! We will show you a variety of techniques to teach your dog how to walk nicely on leash. We will also demonstrate how to use humanely-designed equipment to assist your dog in walking politely. Make your walks with your dog more fun!