Puppy Kindergarten Classes & Socialization

Puppy Kindergarten Classes
6 Session Course, 1 Hour per Session

Puppy socialization prevents many serious behavior problems, such as aggression and fear that may develop as your pup matures. In our Puppy Kindergarten classes, your puppy will be exposed to other dogs and puppies for generalization. We allow playtime where you and your puppy will learn vital socialization skills while playing with other pups. So as to foster good temperament, other dog owners will also handle your pet. The Puppy Kindergarten class curriculum will give you tips on socialization, household manners, housetraining, nutrition and health, crate training, nipping and biting. We introduce manners, impulse control and obedience to your puppy including: sit, down, and come. We also practice problem-prevention techniques to act as the foundation for a well-adjusted puppy.

All puppies 8 weeks to 5 months are welcome. 

Many people are concerned with the vaccination status of their puppies when thinking about signing up for a Puppy Kindergarten class. Because puppies have a vaccination schedule that can take them well into four months of age, many puppies have a limited exposure to the world around them. This in turn can contribute to future behavioral issues that require behavior modification. Unfortunately some veterinarians push for owners to wait until puppies are fully vaccinated. Thankfully, there is enough research out there to support why you can take your puppy to a class sooner than you think! A brief explanation on the importance of socialization.


Puppies are learning from day one. Part of helping them develop into well-adjusted adults involves socialization: exposing your puppy to the world around him in a safe and positive way. 

Just be careful about WHERE you socialize your puppy. A sterile class room environment with responsible instructors is a good place to get started. It’s fine to bring your puppy to grassy areas, as long as they are not frequented by other dogs. Avoid going into dog parks until your puppy is fully vaccinated and comfortable around multiple dogs of different sizes, but do stand near the dog park with your puppy in your arms. This will allow him to watch other dogs play and hang out. Feel free to feed your puppy yummy treats to start building a positive association with other dogs.

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A brief explanation on the importance of socialization