Behavior Modification

Behavior modification refers to changing the dog’s behavior by focusing on changing the dog’s emotion about a particular situation and subject. We also utilize obedience skills as part of the modification process.

Depending on the behavioral issue, we can use behavior modification techniques or basic training to address your concerns.

We can address the following behaviors:

  • excessive barking
  • destructive chewing
  • housetraining
  • separation anxiety
  • shyness, fear
  • counter-surfing
  • jumping on people
  • begging for food
  • pulling on leash, and more

Temperament Testing/Behavior Evaluation
When adopting a dog, you may not know its history. This is why temperament testing is important. It allows you to learn the dog’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and what kind of home would best suit it. By learning about the dog’s personality, training becomes one step easier. When it comes time to adopt a dog or puppy, Divine K-9 can help you pick out the best dog for your lifestyle. Understanding your pet will facilitate a smooth transition into your new life together. An evaluation includes a 60-90 minute interview, the actual evaluation, a written report documenting the history and observations, and our recommendations.

Aggression Management
We specialize in aggression cases. Utilizing the the principles of behavioral science, we can work towards controlling and hopefully reducing your dog’s aggressive tendencies while creating an environment to support the work you will be doing with your dog.

You will learn about canine body language so you will be able to better read your dog’s signals preceding reactive behavior, the right kind of equipment to help manage your dog’s aggression, and behaviors to teach your dog how to defer to you instead of react.

We can address the following behaviors:

  • leash lunging
  • aggression towards people and/or other dogs
  • food aggression (resource guarding)
  • possession aggression
  • territorial aggression
  • body-handling issues.